The Annual No-Show Summer Ball

We are delighted to invite you to NOT attend our first annual No-Show Summer Ball.

Celebrate!About this Event

You are cordially invited to NOT attend our 1st annual fundraising event, our No-Show Summer Ball. Look at what won’t be happening at this glamorous evening gala:

  • There won’t be a drink of Champagne on arrival!
  • Cocktails won’t be served at 5.30pm!
  • There won’t be a speech at 7pm!
  • A fantastic 3-course meal by a Michelin-starred chef won’t be served at 8pm!
  • There won’t be dancing from 9 til late!
  • You won’t be rubbing shoulders with a wide array of celebrities including Hollywood movie stars, musicians, sports personalities and supermodels. We are not inviting all of them!

Instead of buying new clothes, getting dressed up, arranging childcare, paying for travel, and spending your evening at yet another boring fundraising dinner, you can enjoy an evening doing whatever you like, wherever you like, with whoever you like, and dressed however you like!

The serious bit

Please note that you will not be attending an event on 5th June 2021 – you are making a donation, by buying a ticket, to help us support people in need.

Instead of spending your ticket cost and donations on hiring a venue, catering staff, a chef, musical entertainment, food and drinks, we will ensure that all of the money raised will go towards supporting people living with Borderline Personality Disorder.

Buy your tickets here

We kindly ask you to pay Eventbrite’s fees on top of your ticket cost – this is to ensure all money raised goes to providing counselling, however if you prefer not to pay fees, you can simply choose the ‘donation’ option instead of buying a ticket.

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