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Our website provides information about all aspects of BPD, but CALIA welcomes all enquiries by the media. Please contact us with any enquiries.

Below you can find details of our media guidelines for reporting on Borderline Personality Disorder, and our press releases.

Media Guidelines

The media holds a great deal of power and can influence people’s opinions on a wide range of issues. In relation to mental illness, it holds the power to reduce or increase stigma and discrimination, empower people to seek help or stop them from seeking it, and can educate people about mental illness or perpetuate the myth that those with severe mental illness are dangerous.

It’s important that media organisations and journalists provide reports that are whole, accurate, balanced and empowering. Covering stories well can increase the amount of understanding and compassion given to someone living with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).

Our guide sets out some guidelines for media organisations to follow when reporting on BPD. It aims to complement guides produced by other organisations on other aspects of mental health.

View the guidelines online or download as a PDF: CALIA Media Guidelines.

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