About Us

Who we are

We are CALIA, and we exist to support anyone in the UK who is affected by Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). BPD is one of ten recognised personality disorders in the UK, and is a serious and complex condition.

We support people who are living with BPD whether they have been diagnosed or not, and we also offer information and support to their families, partners and loved ones. The people around a person living with BPD are a vital part of their support system, and from time to time they may need support themselves.

We want to help people affected by BPD have access to quick, appropriate and suitable treatment, and to bring about meaningful changes in the way BPD patients are treated within the NHS. 

CALIA began as we saw there was no charity support for people affected by BPD in the UK. The mental health charities do a wonderful job in providing support to anyone with mental health issues, but there was no specific support. NHS support is underfunded and woefully inadequate.

Living with borderline personality disorder is serious, distressing and often challenging, and poses a definite threat to our wellbeing and safety, relationships, employment.

Suicide is a particular risk in BPD, with up to 10% of people diagnosed with BPD dying by suicide. (National Institute for Clinical Excellence)

What we do

We launched in late 2020 as a non-profit organisation, and our aim is to provide information and support to anyone living with BPD/EUPD and their families. We aim to do this by:

  • Providing information from a wide range of sources on BPD/EUPD, wellbeing, treatments and latest news;
  • Creating an online support, advisory and counselling service which will provide a source of support to anyone affected by BPD, at a time when they need it most;
  • Driving meaningful change with our campaign for more funding and better treatment of people living with BPD;
  • Working with businesses in the UK to develop awareness of the challenges their employees, potential employees and volunteers may face while living and working with BPD;
  • Providing signposting to other services or organisations which we feel may be of use to you.

Our Team

CALIA is run entirely by volunteers, we have no paid staff. This helps us ensure that every penny we raise goes towards supporting you. We are led by our CEO, Tess Linton.

Tess LintonTess has lived experience of borderline personality disorder, as well as Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD).

Her own experience of NHS treatment, or lack of, over the years has shown there is a definite need for change, and a need for better support.

She is passionate about promoting positive conversations about BPD, and is keen to end the stigma and myths that surround the condition.

Our aims

Our goal is to provide a solid support service for anyone affected by BPD in the UK. It is our aim to go on to become a national charity, providing further services including helplines and advocacy to those that need it most.

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