Content Policy

We are committed to the highest editorial and ethical standards in the provision of all our content and related services. The site is privately funded, and all content, data and information on the CALIA website is commissioned by us, or sourced from reliable sources, and delivered by us through this website.

We are committed to providing objective and trustworthy information and guidance on all aspects of living with borderline personality disorder.

This content policy covers all content on the website, including articles, videos, audio, images and editorial content.

In all instances, we strive to ensure that the data is accurate and clearly presented, and that our content is evidence-based – in other words, that our content is based on the best knowledge currently available. All content on this site is checked and approved prior to publication.

The following sets out our principles and processes.



Content on the CALIA website is accurate, balanced and transparent. Information provided is based on the best information available from reputable sources.


The CALIA website is accountable to its users, and to CALIA members. We are open to admitting mistakes, and encourage a culture of learning via user or member feedback.

Serving you

We put you first when sourcing and developing content. We will consult widely with medical professionals, patient organisations, support services and relevant professional bodies, but serving our users and members will remain paramount.


CALIA aims to remain objective and impartial wherever possible. Where no definitive consensus can be found on an issue, we will reflect the uncertainty clearly.


We view our users and members privacy as paramount. Barring legal action, we will not divulge any correspondence or personal information we may hold about you without prior and explicit permission.


All content on the CALIA website will be suitable for a general audience. We will not include material that might reasonably be deemed as inappropriate and/or offensive. Where content is identified as such, it will be removed.


The CALIA website is funded by the organisation. It does not carry advertising and does not accept any corporate sponsorship of the website.



The knowledge within this website comes from a range of resources who have all been deemed reputable sources in the field of mental health and psychiatry. This content has come from:

  • patients living with borderline personality disorder;
  • NHS websites;
  • NICE clinical guidelines;
  • mental health charities;
  • psychiatry websites;
  • mental health clinicians;
  • other health professsionals and organisations.


Before any information or content is approved to be published on this website, it is checked by CALIA for:

  • accuracy
  • balance
  • accessibility
  • appropriate tone
  • relevance

Final Checks

Once the information or content has passed the above checkes, a final check is carried out for:

  • common factual errors;
  • spelling;
  • grammar;
  • presentation.

Review of Content

All content on the CALIA website is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure the information is kept up to date and accurate. Any updates sent to us in the form of feedback or communications from our users and members are checked as they arrive, and content is reviewed and amended immediately if necessary.

Giving feedback, comments and complaints

We welcome feedback on all of our content. Simply fill in our contact form and let us know your comments, queries or complaints. We will then get back to you as soon as possible.

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